Tarin Thomas' designer Kylie Naoko in her New York boutique.

Just in time for the holidays, Tarin Thomas — the independent jewelry brand created by Kylie Nakao — is opening its first shop in New York’s West Village.

“After curating a Tarin Thomas shop-in-shop in the Hamptons since 2019, I got an opportunity through Brookfield Properties to have my very first stand-alone store in the West Village,” Nakao explained of her new permeant storefront. “And given the holiday season, it seemed like perfect timing. I knew it would be a challenge during these crazy times, but it also felt so right to have my first store in one of my neighborhoods.”

Located at 92 Perry Street, the boutique showcases her Tarin Thomas jewelry offering alongside a curation of home accessories, beauty by Rowsie Vain, hand-picked designer vintage and a selection of female created art. Nakao rounded out the space, enlisting Claire Chan, a former buyer at Bergdorf Goodman who left fashion for food with The Elk, to set up a coffee bar inside the shop and build out a proper sitting area to enhance the total shopping experience.

Nakao, who has lived in New York City for 10 years, explained that the space is a collection of her New York experiences. “It has been really amazing to bring the store to life and merchandise it as a home that showcases my whole New York City story, filled with some of my favorite things and products from some not only collaborators but friends.”

Launched online in spring 2013, Nakao says the Tarin Thomas brand was her response to a void in accessible, fine jewelry that communicates a clean modern aesthetic. It began with her signature Stackable Collection, growing to include a line of earrings, delicate mid-finger rings and the Thomas Collection, a unisex offering.

“Having my own Tarin Thomas store presents such an exciting opportunity to personally connect with all of my old and new customers,” Nakao said.

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