Jennifer FIsher's first see-now-buy-now collection.

Jennifer Fisher is in remix mode once again.

Today, the jewelry designer and entrepreneur will reveal her first buy-now-see-now collection of fashion jewelry. In doing so, Fisher has recalled much of her wholesale business to focus on a direct-to-consumer model.

During previous fashion weeks Fisher would reveal her new costume jewelry collections on Instagram, rather than with a runway show or presentation. She noticed that “the customers on Instagram immediately wanted to buy the product. The second you put something up on social media – people want to buy it then, they don’t want to wait. We could have offered it but we didn’t.”

Jennifer FIsher's first see-now-buy-now collection.

Jennifer FIsher’s first see-now-buy-now collection. 

Now capitalizing on the “emotional, beautiful and shiny” aspect of the accessories category, Fisher will offer new designs from the get-go. “I feel bad for apparel people,” she said. “They have to make stuff far in advance, and are stuck buying huge quantities. We are super nimble and produce everything in New York. We can order things and buy the hundreds or tens of thousands. When we know what’s trending, we can produce for that.”

Rather than offering two big collections a year, Fisher will base her business on four drops. Each release will be “more focused on strong styles that I feel people will buy, that will be trending and feel right,” she said. “I feel like I was making too much before. It will be one strong theme [per drop] instead of four different things.”

Fisher said her direct-to-consumer business has grown 45 percent year-over-year and represents more than 80 percent of her overall business. While the designer’s fine jewelry collection was always direct-to-consumer, her costume line had been retailed through vendors like Barneys New York.

The designer will now limit wholesale activity — only selling through two third-party retailers, those being Net-a-Porter and Goop — going forward. Certain designs will be exclusive to Net-a-Porter or Goop, while others will only be available for purchase through Fisher’s e-commerce.

Fisher’s first drop, to be revealed on Instagram this morning, will include various iterations of chains. The 24-piece collection will range in price from $175 to $850. The designer said that focusing on a direct-to-consumer model has enabled her to lower her products’ prices, with large cuffs now priced at $1,000, down from $1,500.

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