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There is more to Alison Lou than emoji-cast shapes. The jewelry label, designed by Alison Chemla, today opened a 360-square-foot boutique on the Upper East Side — immersing consumers in her world of whimsical, American-made designs.

Located at 20 East 69 Street, the store — a rococo-type dollhouse — is lined in murals and graphic scrim overlays, conceived by Juan Pablo Molyneux. Chemla, who manufactures her jewelry in New York, said: “I always like my interiors to be really high-end, cozy European jewel boxes, it brings out the luxury quality in the jewelry.”

Chemla leased office space upstairs from the store for her brand’s new headquarters. The boutique and offices are connected via a dumbwaiter lift.

In-store sales tickets are estimated to average around $1,000 — the cost of one necklace or two pairs of earrings. Prices start at $220.

Chemla chose the Upper East Side as her desired location after testing the New York market last year, with a holiday pop-up shop in SoHo. “I realized that more of my demographic was up here, I always felt the shopping experience on the Upper East Side is much nicer. Acne just opened up here, and there are so many more contemporary stores opening up,” she said of the neighborhood.

The Alison Lou store is situated in something of a unique jewelry zone. It is located just beside Marie-Hélène de Taillac’s boutique, across the road from Cartier’s Madison Avenue outpost, and kitty-corner to De Grisgono’s boutique. De Beers and Fred Leighton are two blocks south.

Chemla founded her brand in 2012 — in the nascent days of Instagram’s fashion stronghold. In the time since, she’s amassed a following of 47,000 plus fans — making the platform, “my best-selling tool,” she said. The Alison Lou brand also maintains 45 wholesale partners worldwide.

The label’s annual collections are theme-oriented, with past outings referencing Hasbro toys, pansy flowers and Victorian-era acronym jewelry.