Artwork designed by Amanda Assad Mounser

Amanda Assad Mounser, founder and creative director of her eponymous playful jewelry label, has expanded her creative offerings with artwork based on cycles of the moon. While designing last season’s baubles for Mounser, the designer began experimenting with painting and sculpture as a creative exercise, which brought her joy throughout the slower pace of quarantine. 

'Lunar Cycle in Bisque 3' by Amanda Assad Mounser

“Lunar Cycle in Bisque 3” by Amanda Assad Mounser  Henry Mounser

“I’ve always been a very introspective person, constantly working to fulfill my purpose on a deep creative level. The last few months have really reinforced the idea of being grateful for my natural gifts and honoring them through focused exploration,” she told WWD. “This quiet period has given me room to fully delve into new creative processes at a productivity level I may not have had the opportunity to engage with if the world had not come to a halt.”

'Lunar Study 1' by Amanda Assad Mounser

“Lunar Study 1” by Amanda Assad Mounser  Henry Mounser

The hand-signed artworks range from graphic acrylic, colored pencil and gouache “Lunar Study” and “Eclipse Season” works on paper to acrylic and colored pencil decorated ceramic vases. Mouser’s current offerings range from $300 to $750; additional works are made to order by inquiry.