Marina B earrings

Marina B., the legendary jewelry brand founded by Marina Bulgari, is currently in negotiations with a new owner. The company, which was purchased in 2010 by Paul Lubetsky, had struggled due to lack of design direction, among other factors. Enter two jewelry titans: Henri Barguirdjian, president and ceo of Graff; and Guy Bedarida, former creative officer and half-owner, with Damien Dernoncourt, of Bali-based jewelry brand John Hardy.

Barguirdjian has stepped down from his role at Graff and, should a deal be finalized, will own the brand together with Bedarida. Bedarida will handle the creative side while Henri will handle the business end. The former Graff ceo has also formed Arcot Finance in partnership with financier Philip Falcone. The Arcot Finance venture will deal in acquisitions and sales of precious gemstones.