Kate Moss wearing a necklace from the new line No Rules by Kate Moss.

LONDON — Messika has partnered with Kate Moss to create a high-end jewelry collection inspired partly by the model’s own baubles, that will launch in November.

The collection reflects Moss’ favorite styles, ranging from feminine and delicate pieces to XXL decorative creations.

“This collection has really been inspired by my eclectic tastes, along with pieces from my own jewelry box, different eras that I love, the 1920s and 1970s,” Moss said.

Comfort was at the center of the creative process, with designs meant to be worn without any specific occasion in mind. The jewels were built around movement and fluidity, resulting in flexible pieces that can be worn throughout the day, according to the company.

The collection, which Moss describes as “bohemian, timeless and eclectic,” features a large array of styles, including ankle bracelets, chokers and bold pieces such as the scarf necklace and the three-finger ring.

Moss and the company’s founder Valérie Messika worked together on it, looking to blend the model’s vintage inspirations with the brand’s modern outlook.

“Every step in creating this collection was done hand-in-hand, starting from the building of mood boards to making the wax molds to crafting the final pieces,” Messika said.

The campaign was shot by Moss’ longtime boyfriend Nikolai Von Bismarck.

“It felt important for me to enter [Moss’] universe intimately,” Messika said. “Jewelry and the emotion attached to it, can be deeply personal.”

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