Michelle Williams is about to blossom in Louis Vuitton’s jewelry collection.

The SAG Award-winning and Oscar-nominated actress has just been named as the face of the Color Blossom BB fine jewelry line for the French luxury goods giant. Williams has previously appeared in ads for Vuitton, primarily featuring the leather goods produced while Marc Jacobs was creative director.

The ads mark two firsts: Williams modeling jewelry for Vuitton, and the brand’s first foray into a celebrity face behind its accessible fine jewelry collection, Blossom. The campaign was shot by Patrick Demarchelier. Hamdi Chatti, Vuitton’s vice president of watches and jewelry, had one objective in mind for the campaign: a happy woman — unusual in today’s fashion advertising landscape.

“Michelle is such a charming woman, and when you see the picture, she is happy because she is wearing such wonderful jewelry. She’s smiling,” Chatti said.

Set to hit stores in February, the Color Blossom BB collection is marked by a finer point of view. The pieces are considerably smaller, for easy everyday wear and ripe for stacking. One reason, according to Chatti, was in response to customer demand from Asia. Additionally, each piece is marked by a solitaire diamond offset from the floral anchor, in a nod to the Idylle tri-gold ring. The Idylle design has been expanded to a series of stackable bracelets in 18-karat white gold, yellow gold and rose gold, which are sold separately for approximately $2,600.

The signature quatrefoil floral designs, which comprise the house’s signature monogram pattern, become anchor pendants on necklaces and bracelets set with malachite, lapis, pink mother-of-pearl, onyx and turquoise. Previously cornelian and white mother-of-pearl were the color offerings. Linking the house’s signature monogram to other collections, like jewelry, is a key to continuing the message for the brand as it generates buzz. Earrings in the collection start at $1,600 and creep to $16,000 for a sautoir necklace though signature pendants and bracelets range from $2,100 to $3,200.

Vuitton also produces a high-jewelry collection yearly that creates a “different dynamic” for the fine jewelry customer. The most recent shown to press was last July during Paris Couture Week, was also based on the Monogram motif. These customers gravitate toward the private shopping experiences the brand offers, tend to be couples who know their gemstones. The last invitation-only high-jewelry shopping experience was in Saint-Tropez, for instance. The fine-jewelry customer shops in-store and quite often especially in the U.S., they tend to self-purchase.

The brand marked the American launch with a dinner at the Caviar Kaspia pop-up restaurant on Spring Place in Manhattan with a traditional Russia-by-way-of-Paris fish delicacy meal, with an added truffle ravioli course.