The Benchmark Collection, part of the #HereWeAre marketplace at New York City Jewelry Week.

New York City Jewelry Week cofounders Bella Neyman and JB Jones are thinking big for the week’s second outing.

“Since NYCJW was only born last year, our attendees really did not know what to expect,” Neyman explained. “Our most heard feedback was that we had too many events…so we went and made it even bigger this year!”

She says the second iteration of the consumer-facing show has “grown in every way possible” with almost 200 events all over the city. “Generally speaking, we tried to fill in the gaps this year, and expand on some of last year’s offerings.”

The week again incorporates cultural institutions around New York and will host events at Cooper Hewitt, Neue Galerie New York, the Museum of Arts and Design, the Metropolitan Museum of Art and UrbanGlass, with new additions like the New-York Historical Society and Bard Graduate Center.

“All of these institutions support jewelry but not everyone might know this,” Neyman explained. “So we wanted to shine a light on their efforts.”

Children’s programming has also been added.

“We believe in starting them young,” Neyman quipped, highlighting that “several institutions are hosting workshops for teens, like the 92nd Street Y.”

This year sees the week include five major estate jewelry galleries participating with exhibitions, talks and tutorials; as well as programming at the auction houses Philips, Christie’s and Rago/Wright.

Sustainability and diversity —both buzzworthy and important touch points — are two issues the cofounders wanted to zero in on for the week.

“These were two topics that kept coming up in conversation as we navigated planning the week,” Jones said.

Sustainability and responsibility in the jewelry sphere, since our launch in 2018, has become a topic that is simply unavoidable and one that the industry is attempting to embrace and grow into,” Jones explained. “It is an amazing thing, so we wanted to be able to bridge the conversation between the industry and the consumer in a way that, just as with the whole of NYC Jewelry Week, offers access and insights you can’t get any other time of year.”

One such sustainability-focused event: “Full Circle: A Responsible Jewelry Cycle” will be held on Nov. 22 at the Fashion Institute of Technology where NYCJW will host a day of conversations and hands-on learning for both the consumer and jeweler.

“Quite the opposite was true,” Jones says of awareness around diversity. “It is not a topic that is often addressed in the industry. We wanted to change that and we have a responsibility to change that simply because we have a platform, a voice, and we see an injustice exists.”

The cofounders have added Elliot Carlyle as director of diversity and inclusion “to show where diversity lives within the industry” and launched a new platform #HereWeAre.

The platform has a visual campaign featuring working jewelers from across New York City, and during NYCJW a three-day marketplace from Nov. 21 to Nov. 23, at The William Vale in Williamsburg, Brooklyn, will show the work of more than 20 jewelers who are a part of the #HereWeAre mission.

“The jewelry in it is incredible and we are so thrilled to be able to share it with our audience and also take the first step in what will be a project that will hopefully spark change in the landscape of the industry,” Jones added.

“We wanted to include more conversations that would be of interest to the industry,” Neyman said of the week’s events. “While NYCJW is a consumer-facing event, we heard from many people in the industry that they attended the lectures and exhibitions and wanted to use NYCJW as an opportunity to learn about ways in which they could improve their business. Remember, there has been nothing like this in New York before so everyone is hungry for more.”


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