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Thanks to a shared love of knitting, Pamela Liou and Zon Chu devised a new jewelry line called Langoliers, named after the Stephen King novella in which little monsters eat up the past.


Eschewing their own backgrounds — Liou studied dramatic writing at NYU’s Tisch School of the Arts while Chu was wrapped up in biology and forensic sciences — the pair is virtually self-taught. They use traditional knitting techniques on their chains, and molds are made from yarn versions of their designs to create metal pieces that mirror the original work. For instance, a knit cuff is first dipped in plaster to create a mold, and then metal is poured in. Multiple layers of chain are linked together and woven in exactly the same way as yarn would be. And in the instance of a copper necklace, actual mohair is included in the chain, which continues around the neck to become an extension that adds not only style but comfort.


Because their work is so detailed and specific, the duo employs a women’s craft collective in Bolivia that follows tech packs with specific instructions. Prices for the collection range from $52 to $380 wholesale.


Thursday night, Langoliers is having a launch event that will feature a completely hand-knit chandelier, measuring six feet in diameter. Each rung took 18 feet of knitting for an effect that evokes a tree à la Gaudí that will be up for auction after the event, with proceeds going to an earthquake relief charity in Japan.

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