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MILAN — For its third Pomellato for Women campaign and video, the Italian jewelry brand continues to spread the message of female empowerment while expanding its reach to a number of diverse communities, promoting inclusivity, environmentalism and equality.

Cate Blanchett has joined the cast of artists and activists as the Pomellato for Women Godmother, together with Jane Fonda, who participates for the third year in a row; Laura Dern; Tiffany Haddish; Isabelle Huppert; LGBTQ activist Max Emerson; French founder of the Maison des Femmes and sexual violence activist Dr. Ghada Hatem;  Irish writer, broadcaster and activist Sinéad Burke; Canadian filmmaker David Cronenberg; Chinese actress Huang Xiang Yi; Italian actress Alba Rohrwacher; Canadian transgender model Krow Kian, and Pomellato Group chief executive officer Sabina Belli.

“We are very lucky that there’s respect for our brand, which gives us access to and attracts these strong, independent women, who are valued also for their personalities and not only for their star power, their glamour and beauty,” said Belli. “They are truly moved by solidarity and friendship, if we added up all we would have to pay to have them on board, it would be impossible.”

Belli, who joined the Milan-based company in 2015,  spearheaded and launched the project in 2017 and has been vocal ever since about supporting it. “It stemmed from my very personal belief that it was a topic to be put on the table. Retrospectively, when I see the first video, it was more austere and dark, we wanted to send some shock waves,” she said. “Now, we are expanding it to different communities that deserve empathy and inclusivity. We stand in defiance to gender inequality, bigotry, sexism, homophobia, transphobia, xenophobia, to any fear of ‘the other.’”

WATCH: Take a Sneak Peek of the ‘Pomellato for Women’ Campaign

The executive said she’s often approached by people who are surprised that female empowerment is still a topic to be discussed, as if the issues related to it have been solved. “This is not true and it’s still more crucial today to keep the discussion alive. If you look at the data, only 46 percent of women work in Italy and there are still huge differences between the north and the south of the country,” said Belli, also ticking off the cultural constraints, the percentage of women who abandon their jobs when they have children, the lack of infrastructures and the social pressures. “These issues involve millions of women, and I doubt things will change in a short period of time. I have a lot of confidence in the next generations, who will see the benefits of what is being done now.”

Pomellato will launch three 15-second backstage video teasers on the brand’s social media on March 5 and a 50-second backstage video on March 8, International Women’s Day. The final video will be online on March 7.

“I have long  been committed to supporting women in their various endeavors,” said Blanchett. “So when I was asked to be part of Pomellato‘s women’s day message I was happy to participate. In today’s world, celebrating female collaborations, and highlighting compassion and tolerance is more important than ever.”

“International Women’s Day is a cause for celebration. In my lifetime, so much has changed for womxn [sic], but many more barriers and biases remain,” said Burke. “This campaign gives voice to the obstacles we face through an intersectional lens. I’m honored to sit alongside so many of the people I admire most; those who have spent their careers amplifying voices and mentoring the next generation. I’m proud that with this campaign and with Pomellato’s incredible support, I am able to amplify the work of and donate to Trans Equality Network Ireland, the Dublin Rape Crisis Centre, Daisy House Homeless Services for Women and Little People of Ireland.”

Pomellato was founded by Pino Rabolini in 1967 and is now controlled by Kering.

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