Rihanna is no stranger to the tattoo parlor, but her latest ink comes gold and temporary. The pop star has partnered with fine jewelry designer Jacquie Aiche on a collection of metallic temporary tattoos, inspired by the designer’s jewelry.

“Creating the tattoos was a really collaborative process between Rihanna and myself,” said Aiche. “There are gothic tattoos, but then we mixed in lots of daintier pieces for layering that are reminiscent of the way we stack our jewelry.”

The collection, which comes in a seven-sheet set, includes cuticle and knuckle wraps, a DIY chain set, Gothic letter tattoo, arm bands and chains, and will be sold exclusively on Aiche’s Web site for $19 beginning today. Aiche also teased a second temporary tattoo collaboration with Rihanna to come, describing the next round as “something a little softer and sexier with some unexpected inspiration.”

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