Sophia Hadjipanteli is the face of Roger Vivier's first jewelry line.

PARIS — Who said shoe buckles were only for your feet?

Roger Vivier has introduced its first line of jewelry, inspired by the house’s signature square shoe buckle.

Creative director Gherardo Felloni turned three strass buckles used on the brand’s shoes — the Broche strass buckle, created by Felloni for his debut collection following his arrival at Roger Vivier in March 2018; the Brochamour, and the Bouquet — into a line of glitzy crystal-paved bracelets, earrings, chokers, hair clips and even a tiara.

The collection, which is hitting stores now, is the first complete jewelry offering designed by Felloni. The designer tried his hand at jewelry design last season by adding a bracelet to his fall 2019 collection for Roger Vivier.

For Felloni, it was an obvious choice to pick the Roger Vivier buckle as the starting point for this first jewelry line. “Being able to develop my personal passion in my work is fantastic,” said the designer, who is an avid collector of jewelry. “Designing jewelry for Roger Vivier makes me happy.”

Roger Vivier introduces first jewelry line.  Courtesy

A garden theme runs through the jewelry line. It’s sometimes literal — the detailed flora on the Bouquet strass bracelets, which are paired with a calfskin or crocodile leather strap — sometimes more symbolic. On the Broche earrings and hair clips, the crystals aligned in perfect symmetry were inspired by the gardens of the Chateau de Versailles, which are rigorously mapped-out.

The crystals are often paired with velvet, either on the Lovely choker — a thick black velvet band on which hangs a square Brochamour buckle with a heart pattern — or on the Bouquet strass crown, on which hundreds of crystals are set by hand on a velvet base that is woven and attached by hand, creating a row of flowers.

The collection will be unveiled via a social media campaign launching Dec. 7 featuring Sophia Hadjipanteli, a model known for her unique look: she sports a bushy unibrow. “I spotted her on Instagram and was immediately fascinated by her rare beauty and incredible face,” said Felloni. “She interprets our current times very well.”