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For spring, jewelers are raising the bar — literally.

Thin, thick, long or short, bar earrings are a hot trend among jewelry brands, in varying metals and colors.

Designers Becca Aronson and Moran Amir at Adornia went with combined metal colors and stone embellishments. “It comes from our Gallery Row collection, which has a focus on really clean geometric lines. We actually do a lot of the bar shape in this collection,” the designers said of the two-tone metals. “The choice to do the two-tone comes from our love of contrast,” said Aronson. “We do this in a lot of our pieces, mixing black rhodium with solid gold.”

“There’s something about the light and dark that makes the gold stand out more, but also roughens up the piece, making it not too sweet,” Amir added. “We like all our pieces to have a little edge.”

Elsewhere, Mociun dressed up its bar earrings with rich emeralds and black and white diamonds. Diaboli Kill intertwined different shapes with its version of the stick earring, while Michelle Fantaci added faceted pyramids to her gold stick earring.

Here are WWD’s top picks in bar earrings.