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With an assist from Iconery, the Streicher sisters Jenn, Ashley and Kristie have crossed from beauty to baubles.

The makeup artist, hairstylist and brow expert behind the Beverly Hills studio Striiike teamed up with the jewelry start-up on a 12-item collection of necklaces, rings and earrings priced from $95 to $425. Released last week in time for the holidays and to coincide with the studio’s retail expansion, the pieces reflect the preferences of each of the three siblings and the space they’ve cultivated for two years on Civic Center Drive.

“I don’t think we really ever thought about doing a jewelry collection before, but when Iconery came to us with an offer, we didn’t hesitate. At the first meeting, they said bring in pieces you really like, and we each brought pieces we loved and wanted to wear, but couldn’t necessarily find. It was for selfish reasons that we created the collection,” said Jenn Streicher, half-jokingly. “Iconery is so easy to work with. They really listen to you. They are not trying to steer you in some direction. They really wanted it to be ours.”

Streicher enlisted Iconery to replicate bracelets her husband bought her at a vintage store in New York; Ashley sought to reproduce a pinky bow ring she’d tapped a jewelry designer to make for her in the past and duplicate corkscrew earrings she spotted on a woman only to come up empty in a search for them; and Kristie pushed Iconery to minimize Striiike’s signature hand-held cat mirror for adornment purposes. The cat mirror pendant proved most difficult for Iconery, which tweaked it to be both useful and not too heavy to wear, but is the bestseller so far.

“We are obviously similar because we are sisters, but we are also really, really different, and it’s hard for three people to agree on everything. Kristie is costume-y and eccentric in her jewelry tastes. I’m pretty traditional, old-fashioned and minimal. Ashley is fun and on-trend,” said Streicher. “There was a little bit of worry that we wouldn’t be that cohesive. A few days before we saw the jewelry, there was this panic like, ‘Oh my God, what if we get the jewelry, and it’s terrible, and we have to pretend we like it.’ But as soon as we saw it, we fell in love.”

The pieces in Striiike’s Iconery collection are made from 14-karat gold vermeil, 14-karat gold and 14-karat gold fill with white and black diamonds, emeralds, rubies, black onyx and white topaz. Iconery uses 3-D printing in its production process to help quickly and cost-effectively develop fine jewelry, and its business model involves fashioning jewelry with celebrities, designers and influencers to extend their brands. In addition to Striiike, Iconery has partnered with Rashida Jones, Stone Fox Bride, Luv Aj and more on pieces available at its web site.

Striiike is certainly no stranger to collaborations. The Streichers joined forces with Tenoverten on nail polishes and Clare Vivier on a handbag, and are linking with Christy Dawn on apparel. “For us, it’s really about working with our friends,” said Streicher. “We’ve always loved Christy Dawn’s dresses. She came in to get a haircut from Ashley, and that’s how that came about. We come into contact with so many people at the space that are local and that happen to be amazing women. It’s like getting together with your girlfriends.”

Striiike has grown from 1,500 to 3,000 square feet to build out a retail component, where its pieces with Iconery will be showcased along with an assortment of hair and makeup products from brands including Laura Mercier, Winky Lux and Bumble and bumble. “Companies like Violet Grey have opened the door to having small curations of things. We just want to carry our favorite products. We don’t want to carry full lines,” said Streicher. “We didn’t know two years ago if that was going to fly with hair and makeup companies, but it has.”

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