The latest Diama campaign.

Swarovski is rethinking its approach to lab-grown diamonds as debate surrounding the man-made stones continues to heat up.

The company has transitioned its Diama jewelry line from its Swarovski gemstones division to the Atelier Swarovski business.

The Diama is Swarovski’s answer to lab-grown diamonds, while Atelier is Swarovki’s luxury division dedicated to high-end design. In moving Diama to sit under the Atelier umbrella, Swarovski “enhances [our] commitment to lab-created diamonds, as well as responsibly and sustainably sourced mined diamonds and gemstones and marks another step on its journey to becoming a leader in conscious luxury,” according to the company.

Swarovski’s Diama stones, like other lab-grown diamonds, are made of carbon atoms that are processed with extreme pressure and heat. Their molecular structure is identical to mined diamonds. Lab-grown diamonds are considered a futurist’s stone, as they eliminate the major ecological impact created during the diamond mining process.

“This new structure consolidates our Swarovski-created diamonds offerings under the Atelier Swarovski name, leveraging the brand’s design, sales and marketing expertise around this innovative product category. Diama’s unique identity within the Atelier Swarovski portfolio brings a new dimension and customer to the Atelier Swarovski business,” added executive board member Nadja Swarovski in a statement.

Designs featuring the Diama stones will be priced from $595 retail.

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