Efva Attling

LONDON — Swedish jeweler Efva Attling is celebrating her 20th anniversary with a commemorative watch and a party at the Royal Swedish Opera in Stockholm. Known for classic styles, Attling has a celebrity following that includes Madonna, Angelina Jolie, Jennifer Aniston and Uma Thurman.

A former model, Attling was discovered by Eileen Ford at 17, when she was studying under the Swedish silver and goldsmith, Bengt Liljedahl. After modeling for 12 years, Attling changed her pace, pursued music, and started a band called The X Models in the Eighties.

At the same time, she designed and teamed with brands including Levi’s and H&M and created clothing collections. She launched her own maternity wear range in Sweden called Pretty Pregnant, which no longer exists. In the Nineties, she went back to her roots, designing jewelry and working with silver, gold and precious gems.

She counts Scandinavia and the U.S. as key markets, and said her Twosome collection, which consists of two rings — one round and one square — linked together is a bestseller.

“I call my jewelry ‘beauty with a thought,’” Attling told WWD. “There is expression in some of my pieces. Words that have global meaning of what we all can relate to. So Carpe Diem or Take No S–t have two different meanings for different purposes,” she said referring to some of her pieces.

She said she is proud the brand has grown each year and noted that when Madonna wore Attling’s Human ring and Homo Sapiens necklace, it was a “big hit” for her business. The 20 Years Jubilee watch is available in steel or leather and is priced for $1,020 for the former and $945 for the latter. It is sold on the jeweler’s web site and boutiques.

She has 10 stores globally, in Stockholm, Helsinki, Oslo and New York and is stocked in Stockmann, Anderson and Reinhold department stores. Next up for the multitasking jeweler is a range of wedding gowns for the U.S. market.