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NEW YORK — The jewelry world is getting another online push with The Stone Set, a new Web site focused on jewelry editorial.

This story first appeared in the March 10, 2014 issue of WWD. Subscribe Today.

The e-destination,, allows visitors to explore the market through the eyes of jewelers, collectors, brands and stores. Officially launching today, The Stone Set is the brainchild of digital consultants Jenna Fain and Emerald Carroll. The pair met several years ago while both working in the digital media division of Coach. “We’re women who love jewelry,” said Fain, the site’s founder. “We were always reading fashion, beauty and lifestyle sites, but we couldn’t find space dedicated to just jewelry editorial and celebrating the history behind jewelry. So we decided to create it.”

The idea has been two years in the making, during which Fain and Carroll labored over turning their vision into an accessible online platform. “We wanted to make sure the design really reflected all of the thought process that went into our features,” said Fain. “We wanted to make sure that when we went live, we were including people that we’re incredibly proud of that haven’t necessarily shared their stories with the world. It took time to get connected with the right jewelers and collectors.”

The site comprises four categories: jewelers, collectors, vault and facets. Jewelers gives an inside look into the creative process of top jewelers, such as Melanie Georgacopoulos and Jordan Askill. Collectors tells the personal stories behind pieces owned by the likes of Crystal Renn and blogger Jane Aldridge. The Vault offers access into archives of iconic brands and stores, with David Webb kicking off the feature. Finally, Facets will feature topical features, such as essays and articles. Within Facets will be the site’s signature “On the Rocks” feature, in which Carroll and Fain will join various collectors and personalities for their favorite drink, whether it be at a bar or at home.

For their debut, the cofounders chose contributors by contacting friends in the industry, as well as professional icons, such as Jill Platner. “We reached out to our network and focused on people that we felt strongly about — people from all different styles and walks of life,” said Carroll. “They were willing to take a chance on us because they saw how passionate we were.”

In keeping with the editorial mission, the site has no e-commerce platform. Instead, the team plans to earn revenue through advertising partnerships and custom campaigns. Bergdorf Goodman has signed on as the premier advertising launch partner for the debut month. In turn, the site will prominently feature jewelers carried at the store. The cofounders have not completely ruled out e-commerce, though. “We want to see what our audience responds to the most,” said Fain. “We’re big believers in analyzing data, so time will tell. Right now, our power lies in the stories that we’re showing.”

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