The interior of the Thomas Sabo-edition Mercedes.

Jewelry designer Thomas Sabo has teamed with Mercedes-Benz to put some special touches on the company’s new A-Class Peak model car.

Beginning next month, the vehicle will be offered for sale in the Nuremberg metropolitan area in Germany, where Sabo is headquartered, as well as online.

“We are delighted with this cooperation between Thomas Sabo and Mercedes-Benz,” Sabo said. “With cars, of course, the main factors are functionality and safety. But just as in other areas of life, a personal look is particularly fun here, too. For the visual refinement of the A-Class, I chose iconic design elements from our Sterling Silver Collection that would highlight the model’s sporty dynamics.”

The Mercedes A-Class Peak model.

The Mercedes A-Class Peak model.  Daimler AG - Global Communicatio

Sabo noted that he has been collaborating with Mercedes on the Formula 1 race track for about three years, so expanding the relationship to a more-traditional car was the next logical step.

“Our special Peak models appeal to customers with discerning tastes,” said Andreas Rabitz, head of the Mercedes-Benz dealership in Nuremberg. “Through this exclusive design cooperation with Thomas Sabo, we are showcasing the unique look of the A-Class.”

The model is available in either white or black and includes a filigree Arabesque motif on the white version and fleur-de-lis motif for the black model. The Thomas Sabo logo is displayed on mirror mount, roof spoiler crosspieces, hub caps and fender plaques on the exterior. For the interior, there are customized floor mats, controller, door sills and storage shelves.

The car was introduced in January and will offered for sale beginning in mid-May. It will retail starting at $31,343.

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