Accessories and jewelry brand Two Green Stones has launched in the U.S. through its own e-commerce, the first time the brand is shipping outside of its native Australia. Founded in 2019 by Jade Howard-Smith, products range from bracelets, cuffs, earrings and belts handcrafted with semiprecious stones, hand-chosen leather and needlework. Inspired by Australia’s rich landscapes, there’s an organic, earthy quality to pieces that also celebrates traditional craftsmanship by local artisans. Artful pieces showcasing natural beauty include lightweight and tactile clip-on earrings made of carnelian, fossil stones, agate, aventurine, blue goldstone, lapis lazuli, hematite and malachite stones. “I appreciate the unique characteristics of these stones and their universal meanings, since each stone is known to offer individual healing properties that promote wellbeing and vitality,” said Howard-Smith, who named the brand after herself and her daughter, Olivine, because of their spirited natures and natural affiliation with stones and geology. Earrings and bracelets are priced between $190 to $405, while a handcrafted belt sells for $620. All pieces are interchangeable, making them a more conscious purchase to build upon and collect.