By  on October 14, 2019

Valerie Messika founded her eponymous fine-jewelry brand with the intention of disrupting traditional notions of design with diamonds that have endured for decades. As the daughter of André Messika, a top exporter of polished diamonds, the younger Messika had access to raw materials, workshops and know-how, but she didn’t want to design engagement rings with cushion-cut stones, tennis bracelets and solitaire earrings.

“The new generation of very rich people love to experience new designs,” said Messika. “On the red carpet, they love that it’s fine jewelry and delicate, and they love the diamond-cutting and brilliance of my pieces. You don’t look older when you wear diamonds. The way you used to wear them, you looked older because it was a heavy style. I try to erase as much of the gold as possible and put the diamonds on the skin. I insist on so much of lightness.”

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