A twig-shaped earring from the Vivetta jewelry collection.

MILAN — Italian women’s and children’s wear brand Vivetta is quietly expanding its offering.

Known for its whimsical and playful creations, the Vivetta brand, founded by designer Vivetta Ponti in 2008, is launching its first jewelry collection through a licensing deal with jewelry manufacturer Chimera Gold, based in Arezzo, Italy.

The first collection is to bow for spring 2021 with a range of styles expected to arrive in store as early as December. The lineup will comprise both costume and fashion jewels distributed through the brand’s wholesale network and carry-over mid-fine styles to be sold at select international jewelers.

“Amid these difficult and uncertain times I had the chance to rediscover myself and my passions, as well as to reinvent myself by widening my horizon and my curiosity,” Ponti said. “The attention paid to art in all its forms has undoubtedly influenced the choice to expand my brand’s offering with a jewelry collection.”

Crafted from gold-plated silver and embellished with mother of pearls, zircons and rhinestones, the entire range, which retails between 150 euros and 500 euros, is inspired by Aesop’s famous fable “The Ant and the Grasshopper,” the former insect representing the values of strength, patience and resilience.

A nail-shaped ring from the Vivetta jewelry collection.

A nail-shaped ring from the Vivetta jewelry collection.  Eleonora Bonoretti/Courtesy of Vivetta.

The brand’s surrealist touch can be seen in a range of pieces, such as an enveloping bracelet molded in the shape of a hand, each finger peppered with red stones to mimic nail polish, or in twig-shaped earrings that wrap the lobe.

Ponti said she found creative freedom in working on the precious accessories and praised Chimera Group’s high-quality standards and its goldsmiths’ craftsmanship.

“The opportunity to collaborate with Vivetta pushed us to dare. In such a complex moment, when telegraphing positive messages is more and more complicated, the licensing deal represents an exciting challenge for our company’s longstanding experience and attention to details,” said Massimo Anselmi, chief executive officer of Chimera Gold.

Jewelry is not the first brand extension for Vivetta. Last year, it introduced for resort 2020 its first shoe collection via a licensing deal with footwear manufacturing company Be71. Vivetta’s footwear range is distributed by leading accessories showroom Massimo Bonini.

Selected by Giorgio Armani as the guest label to show its collection at the Armani Theater in February 2015, the brand in 2018 signed a licensing agreement with Gilmar Group for the production and global distribution of its ready-to-wear collections. The label was previously produced by Camac.