Edward Field Duffle

Now more than ever, consumers are searching for high-quality products that embody craftsmanship, provide utility and are built to last.

Edward Field originally launched in 2015 and became known as a one-product brand that sold a premium leather phone case wallet for the iPhone. Fast forward and the label has been reborn as a men’s accessory line with a business model focused on both a made-to-order and direct-to-consumer approach, constructing products only upon purchase to alleviate excess inventory and to reduce waste ecologically.

The launch will include six classic silhouettes utilizing a full-grain leather, ethically sourced (a by-product of the meat industry), and imported from Italy — including a ​bifold​, ​cardholder​, phone wallet​, ​luggage tag​, ​passport holder​ and ​duffel​. In order to reinvent these six styles going forward, they will be holding a series of collection “drops” throughout the year where limited quantities and in new materials directly via their site at edwardfieldshop.com​ beginning July 21. With price points ranging from $77 for a luggage tag to $1,195 for the leather duffel, allowing for consumers at different financial touch points that are searching for staples that only grow better with time.

Edward Field wallet. 

Edward Field iPhone case. 

Edward Field duffle bag.