During Art Basel Miami Beach.

“Tomorrow is more important than today,” said Tag Heuer chief executive officer Jean-Claude Biver from the Mondrian Hotel in South Beach on Wednesday, defying the “live each day like it’s your last” mentality. “If you spend all of the money talking to today’s customer, what happens tomorrow, when today’s customer is dead?” Valid point.

Tag Heuer is attempting to snare the attention of the younger set through a new art partnership with graffiti artist Alec Monopoly, who has been putting his tag — get it? — on the brand’s campaigns. The watch brand unveiled the partnership during Art Basel Miami Beach. “We want to make the new generation dream about us,” Biver continued to explain.

His 16-year-old son deserves much of the credit for starting the wheels on the art partnership, Tag Heuer’s first in upward of two decades. “My son was complaining each time I was buying classical art, he was complaining that ‘You should buy modern, contemporary art.’ One day he said to me, ‘You should buy Alec Monopoly,'” Biver recalled. “[My son] is exactly in the age we want to reach. Because one day they will realize their dream and they might buy our watch.” Once they can afford it, presumably.

Alec Monopoly was lounging nearby, black top-hat atop his head a la Rich Uncle Pennybags. The artist is surely living out the character’s name now as the LVMH brand’s ambassador. “I’m a big fan of watches,” he said— but of course he is. “Me and JC went over the pieces, he gave me some inspiration, and I gave him some inspiration,” he continued, referring to both Biver and the series of painted canvases around the room.

Monopoly will lend his artistic touch to Tag Heuer boutiques, design, and campaigns. The partnership knows no boundaries. “I’m going to be painting on the billboards as well, it’s very appealing to me because in the world of graffiti, you want to have your graffiti paintings in the busiest parts of the city, the most people,” he added. “Having the ad campaigns where I’m going to be doing graffitis on each ad is a dream.”

Well, Tag Heuer can already count one dream fulfilled through the partnership.