GOOD TIME: Armitron watches has a new star on its roster. The label has signed “Dancing with the Stars” alum and Iraq war veteran Noah Galloway as a brand ambassador to appear in its “One Watch, Many Faces” campaign. The ads will make their national debut on Wednesday, and tell the inspirational stories of everyday people. They will run in print and digital form.


Galloway, 33, said he was the one who approached Armitron about embarking on a commercial partnership. Just before his second tour of Iraq, Galloway bought an Armitron watch. He was wearing the timepiece when he was caught in an explosion that led to the loss of an arm and leg. The watch was pulled off of Galloway’s severed arm — strangely intact — and was returned to the soldier in a parcel of his belongings when he was discharged from a military hospital in Washington, D.C. Years later, he pulled out the watch to wear again and it still worked. Galloway said, because of this, his sponsorship of Armitron is personal — a standard he has set for all of his brand partnerships. “I want to tie in with companies that I relate to. For me, it’s the way to go,” he said.


Armitron’s executive vice president Michael Feagan said of Galloway’s ambassadorship of the brand: “The reality is when you hear the story, no one would believe it. They would think we are bulls—-ing them and making it up. It’s a powerful story.”