Cartier care

Cartier has unveiled “Cartier Care,” a consumer-facing digital platform that aims to enhance the French jeweler’s client experience by providing a new streamlined level of access through a secure online portal.

The worldwide program launched Nov. 12 and customers now can register their Cartier timepieces, granting them unique access to personalized services, such as in-store services related to maintenance — like invitations for function checks, typically done three to five years post purchase — or tailor-made care recommendations based on the client’s personal Cartier collection.

“Cartier Care is what innovation means to Cartier: moving forward, exploring new territories, new techniques, to better serve our clients and elevate their personal experience with our maison,” said Arnaud Carrez, Cartier’s international marketing and communication’s director.

The program introduces a new eight-year international limited warranty across all timepieces, an increase from the previous two-year plan; timepieces under the original two-year warranty will be eligible for the warranty extension upon registration on Cartier Care.

The new digital platform is the next step in a client support and experience strategy for the Compagnie Financière Richemont-owned house. Last year, with the launch of Santos de Cartier, the jeweler initiated a program for clients owning timepieces from the Santos 100 collection, launched in 2004, to come into boutiques for a full complimentary check, along with the installation of a demagnetization device on their timepiece.

According to the company, the digital tool is meant to address the ever-growing needs of global clients for consistent relations and a seamless experience across all touch points.

“Our ambition is to define the best use of this platform to bring our clients the next level of experience. Each of the services we provide are improving a part of our client journey, be it starting their relationship with us or ensuring the highest level of service,” Carrez said.

“More and more, clients are seeking out unexpected experiences, the ‘never seen before,’” he explained.

While Cartier Care begins with timepieces, the platform will progressively include all the brand’s categories — jewelry, watchmaking and accessories.

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