Efva Attling is getting into the wearable tech game.

The Swedish jewelry designer has designed a watch face for Android Wear, Google’s answer to the smartwatch. The design is a digital take on Attling’s existing manual watch, named Time Will Come.

“In the Western world, we say that time is passing and we are stressed out by the fact that time is slipping away,” Attling said. “In the East, the expression ‘time will come’ gives a more relaxed and peaceful way to consider time. You can’t force it. It gives us a more calm, positive outlook on time.”

The watch face will be available in three themes — white, black and shimmering pearl — combined with silver or gold arms, and compatible with one or two time zones. With every 10,000 steps taken by the user, one of Attling’s “mantras” will appear on the screen. The watch face is currently available for free download via Google Play.