Delfina Delettrez Fendi watch collection

BASEL, Switzerland — After jewelry, Delfina Delettrez Fendi is turning her hand to a watch collection for the Fendi house.

The designer was at the Baselworld watch and jewelry fair here to unveil Policromia, a new line of watches that draws its name from the Greek word signifying multiple colors.

Available in 20 models in both 33-mm and 38-mm case sizes, the mechanical timepieces feature dials in asymmetrical combinations of precious mineral stones, set off with brilliant-cut white diamonds on the case and dial.

Materials include her signature stone, malachite, alongside obsidian, lapis lazuli, tiger eye and mother-of-pearl, among others. The watches come in white or yellow gold, with crocodile skin straps.

Delettrez Fendi said the design was inspired by the architecture of Rome and the geometric volumes of the Palazzo Della Civilità Italiana, which houses Fendi’s headquarters.

“Because the watch is so complex and the design is so complex, I was really focusing on primary colors,” she said. “To me, the Fendi palazzo itself is like a huge watch. It’s a game of light and shadow and it’s home to incredible marbles.”

Delettrez Fendi — known for her use of Surrealist elements such as hands, eyes and lips in her jewelry collections — has collaborated with Fendi previously on two jewelry lines, the most recent for fall 2014. She noted that the watch required a longer development time.

“With the watch you have time for contemplation, which doesn’t really happen in the runway. In the runway, we need to have more evident and striking pieces, you know, pieces that really play on the movement and play on different materials,” she said.

The timepiece, by contrast, required a balance between functionality and the “chaotic vortex” of the design, Delettrez Fendi said. “No matter how you mix materials, I think you have this sense of movement and this sense of order also,” she said. “It was all really about finding the great balance and compromise.”

The watches are priced from 3,000 euros to 150,000 euros, or $3,400 to $169,000 at current exchange rates, and will be available from October or November, said Pietro Beccari, chairman and chief executive officer of Fendi.

“It’s something that goes to capture an audience for more sophisticated products in terms of watches. We had a relatively simple range, so this one taps into a clientele that we probably do not attract today in our stores with something that is 100 percent Fendi,” he said.

Customers will be able to customize the piece by mixing and matching the stones used for the 16 pieces that make up the dial — a first for the Italian luxury brand’s watch division.

“Fendi is quite well-known for offering customers the possibility of really getting wild with the fantasy to build the bag of your dreams, the fur of your dreams, and wanted to offer this also to our watches in order to make them more and more an integral part of our positioning,” Beccari said.

He added that the brand expected to deliver custom-made Policromia models within six months, although it hoped to narrow down that time frame to four months.