Kaia Gerber for Omega

Omega has trained its sights on the women’s market.

On Thursday evening, the brand — a subsidiary of The Swatch Group — unveiled a new iteration of the Trésor, one of its signature women’s watch designs — a slim, diamond-set piece that spans daytime and evening occasions.

The Trésor, with a quartz movement, hits a more entry-level price point than is typical of Omega’s diamond-set offerings. Prices begin at $4,500 and run up to $8,600. The style is to be represented in marketing materials by supermodel offspring Kaia Gerber, the daughter of Cindy Crawford.

Omega chief executive officer Raynald Aeschlimann said of the launch: “A watch for ladies is a timepiece but also an accessory, and this definitely provides a lot of potential. I want women to get excited about their choices and about the opportunity to wear and buy into another accessory category. There is a lot of potential for us there, maybe more than men.”

Aeschlimann noted that U.S. male consumers, “want the ultimate in technology and less style options. Ladies want the ultimate accessory, they request colors and styles and thickness of design. They also want technology, too.”

Omega's redesigned 'Trésor' watch.

Omega’s redesigned Trésor watch.  Courtesy

The executive riffed on cultural shifts in the watch market. “It used to be, 25 years ago, that women would buy a small version of a men’s watch. Now ladies want to have their own style, their own watches. This is good because it’s the same way in many other fashion or luxury segments, you don’t necessarily have to have the same look in two sizes,” he said, noting that emotions play a huge factor in converting women’s sales.

With that, Omega has placed emphasis on its retail experience, and has built a pop-up shop dedicated to the Trésor’s relaunch. The shop, located at 711 Fifth Avenue, opened Thursday and will remain in operation through March. The store features the entirety of Omega’s women’s watch offering, and will display archival pieces that have been flown in from the company’s Swiss headquarters.

In focusing on its women’s assortment, Omega joins a coterie of watchmakers also placing emphasis on its ladies’ product offerings. Patek Philippe, Swatch, Breguet and Audemars Piguet, among others, have directed concerted efforts toward the women’s market. They look to harness the sector’s spending power — particularly as more women begin to engage in self-purchasing.

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