A design by Pierre Cardin Watches.

Pierre Cardin Watches are set to make a comeback today following a two-year hiatus from the market.

Purchased by the Mondaine Watch Group in 2017, the watch division carrying the French Space Age designer’s name has been retooled for a new generation.

“It took almost three years to design and reinterpret his vision for how we think a young person would want to see it,” said Lumondi’s U.S. chief executive officer Lluis Sole.

The Pierre Cardin fashion brand is the subject of a retrospective at the Brooklyn Museum. Pierre Cardin Watches’ new phase will become available on its web site today, marked by a launch party held in New York. International expansion is planned for the coming months.

Priced under $200, the battery-operated watches are split into four categories named for Paris neighborhoods: The Marais, the Canal Saint-Martin, Belleville and Pigalle. The watches are sleek and minimal, rather than picking up on vintage motifs from the Cardin archives. “We thought it was a good idea to focus on the next step and not on the past,” Sole said.

Sole admitted that the Pierre Cardin name has “probably none or very low,” in terms of brand recognition with young people. Nonetheless, he feels that Cardin initiated a “huge movement, pioneering ready-to-wear and the idea is to bring back that movement to watches.”

The timepieces will be available with a direct-to-consumer model so that “young people can enjoy seeing them where they shop, on their computer and on their phone screen,” Sole said.

The company has not yet decided the digital channels in which it will advertise, but intends to assert a good deal of resources toward Google optimization. To gain traction for its launch, the company has started an Instagram competition where one American follower will be granted a trip to Paris.

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