The unique watch display and companion app on the TAG Connected Modular 45 understand your plan for the day and proactively assist in keeping you on track. The watch became available worldwide on Tuesday, March 14, 2017. (Credit: Intel Corporation)

Today luxury Swiss watch company Tag Heuer unveiled its Connected Modular 45 connected timepiece. Engineered via its partnership with tech powerhouse Intel, the launch is the latest addition to a line of luxury watch companies forging into new advanced designs and features and marks the second release the two companies have made in the sector.

Once again out to rival the Apple smartwatch in its offerings, the watch design offers a suite of services and features for its user. Taking a cue from Fitbit’s success, Tag Heuer included a robust fitness tracker. Users have the ability to record workouts and map new jogging routes. What’s more, the watch holds the ability to act as a personal assistant — it adapts to the individual’s schedule and helps maintain punctuality for coming appointments. As mobile spending continues to rise, Tag Heuer’s addition of smart payment functionality aims to service users with frictionless checkout experiences.

In addition to its touchscreen capabilities, the watch offers voice-activation components. Fitted with a miniature microphone, the watch employs Google voice control, allowing for users to communicate hands-free. Compatible with Androids, owners of the Connected Modular 45 have the capacity to connect their devices in order to optimize all of the watch’s offerings.

The TAG Connected Modular 45 offers touchscreen and voice-activation functionality.  Corey Drayton

Shoppers have numerous styles to consider — buyers can consider 56 different styles. Eleven of these models are available in-store while specialized varieties are available upon request. Available in namesake stores, specialty boutiques and international retailers, the watch current is available for $1,600.

This isn’t the first foray into smartwatches for Intel – or Tag Heuer. In November 2015, the two companies and Google’s Android, which also is used in the latest release, unveiled what Tag Heuer said was the first smartwatch to be released by a Swiss watch company. The brand’s goal was to prevent consumers was buying smartwatches from non-watch companies and at the launch Tag Heuer executives predicted that up to 20 percent of the watch market could be made up of smartwatches by this  year.

Intel, meanwhile, has dedicated itself to enhancing user experiences, keeping the individual’s main demands at the forefront of its new developments. Its partnership with athleticwear company New Balance resulted in the release of its Run IQ watch, which earned the Runner’s World Editor’s Pick of CES 2017 award. The watch allows runners to map new routes, listen wirelessly to playlists, monitor heart rates, and pace current runs among other features. Intel has been pushing into sectors beyond its core personal computer market and on Monday revealed the $15.3 billions acquisition of Israeli-based Mobileye in a bid to gain significant market share in components for the self-driving car market.

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