Toms has created a strap for the Apple Watch. Blake Mycoskie’s one-for-one model accessories brand designed and produced the friendship bracelet-inspired styles, with the first two of the designs launching today.

Prices will range from $49 for basic styles to $75 for more detailed designs, with each purchase supplying solar light to an individual in need for one year.

“In terms of light poverty, something I’ve seen a lot in my travels is that as soon as it gets dark out, which in parts of the world can been 5 or 5:30 p.m., that’s the end of the day’s economic opportunity, of people ending work and the ability for children to study. So for us it’s about giving time, by providing people with solar energy and truly giving them more time,” Mycoskie said.

The straps will not retail through Apple, but rather at Toms stores and its web site. The company expects to move 10,000 of these units during the holiday season.

Toms has not added a charitable cause to its give-back repertoire in two years. The firm is primarily known for its initiative of providing shoes to the underprivileged, donating a pair for each pair they sell. The company also provides safe-birth kits for each handbag sold, eyesight for each pair of glasses sold, and clean water in return for purchases of its private coffee label.

Solar light will be dispatched in the form of individual lanterns — guaranteed for one year. Varying charitable partners will distribute the lanterns — with a focus on developing sub-Saharan Africa.

The brand, while large, has developed a public perception of sustainability, transparency and humanitarian employment.