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The 2022 Beauty Inc Awards: Buzzy Collab, Sustainability, Purposeful Initiative

Pat McGrath Labs, Coty Inc. and The Every Body Campaign spearheaded by Saie are among the honorees.

Sustainability in Beauty Award: Coty Inc. 

Coty chief executive officer Sue Y. Nabi has said that her goal is for the company to become a leader in sustainability, using science to deliver transformative change. In a year in which green science was all the rage, the company took a meaningful step toward that goal, partnering with LanzaTech to more sustainably source ethanol, its most purchased ingredient for fragrance production. The deal enables the company to manufacture scents with “sustainable ethanol,” which will come from the carbon-capture technology LanzaTech pioneered. It sources ethanol from a series of materials, including sugar beet and sugar cane. The move isn’t just good for the environment — it’s good for business, too, Nabi said. “Sustainability is the ultimate driver of innovation,” she said, “and Coty is focused on creating outstanding products that are truly clean and green.” 

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Buzzy Collab: Pat McGrath x Bridgerton 

Makeup genius Pat McGrath has always lived at the intersection of beauty and theatricality — so no surprise that in a year in which the beauty and entertainment worlds were intimately intertwined, McGrath spearheaded a starry launch that really stood out. The Pat McGrath Labs x Bridgerton collection, a partnership between McGrath, Netflix and the show’s producer, Shondaland, played to the strengths of both, with a rococo assortment of makeup that channeled the glamour of the smash TV show. And the line is a ratings win, with the initial drop selling out in days. As Edwina Sharma said in season two, “Loves moves swiftly, does it not?” 

Purposeful Initiative of the Year: The Every Body Campaign 

To effect change requires new ways of thinking, so when Saie founder and chief executive officer Laney Crowell started to think about how she could make a meaningful difference in the fight to protect reproductive rights, collaboration trumped competition. Crowell created the Every Body Campaign, enlisting 36 like-minded brands to repackage a bestselling product in a green outer carton with 100 percent of the proceeds being donated to SisterSong, an organization dedicated to reproductive justice for women of color. The participating brands were a who’s who of the industry’s best, including E.l.f., The Inkey List, Furtuna, Glow Recipe, Live Tinted, Mented and many more. (More than $100,000 was raised in the first four days of the campaign alone.) It wasn’t the large sum of money that inspired the campaign’s signature hue, however. “Green is a symbol of hope, health and life,” Crowell said. “All of these brands are global brands, this is a global issue and we’re standing together in global solidarity.”