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Here, see five of the latest men’s grooming launches.

Dr. Squatch

Dr. Squatch Pine Tar Deodorant  Photo courtesy of Dr. Squatch

Dr. Squatch Pine Tar Deodorant

Available for $12 at

As aluminum-free deodorants pick up momentum, Dr. Squatch is extending its line of preexisting sticks — a category that is slated to do $30 million in retail sales in 2021 for the brand, per industry sources — with a new scent. The brand, which has grown triple-digits over the past few years and crossed $100 million in revenue last year, has seen adoption rates of its deodorants pick up. “People are becoming more aware of some of the products that have historically had ingredients that aren’t super healthy for people,” said Alex Uruchurtu, chief product officer at Dr. Squatch.

The category, which only just launched in November and is gaining Pine Tar Deodorant next week, is part of a larger effort to expand, said Josh Friedman, the brand’s chief marketing officer. “In the past couple of years, we’ve been really focused on expanding into categories we feel we can create high-performing products with natural ingredients that resonate with the everyday guy,” he said.

Lumin UV Balm

Lumin UV Balm  Photo courtesy of Lumin

Lumin UV Defense Moisturizing Balm

Available for $25.60 at

Meridian’s skin care sister brand is augmenting its day offerings with a UV-protective moisturizer. “Compared to pre-COVID-19, we’ve definitely seen guys are interested in taking more care of themselves. You’re getting more time at home and you’re on Zoom seeing your face,” said Darwish Gani, cofounder of Lumin. “What we’re really seeing, though, is once you get a better grooming routine, you start to expand that [into adjacent categories].”

The brand’s freshly launched UV Defense Moisturizing Balm immediately struck a chord with consumers, who are looking to amp up to more sophisticated routines. “We’re seeing that guys have a complete routine for moisturizers,” Gani said. “The SPF is a big added bonus.”

The moisturizer relies on non-nano zinc oxide to reach SPF 30, and skin care ingredients like papaya and rosemary extracts for added benefit. Industry sources estimate sales could climb up to $10 million in the moisturizer’s first 12 months on the market.

Caldera + Lab Lineup

Caldera + Lab Lineup  Photo courtesy of Caldera + Lab

Caldera + Lab The Clean Slate Balancing Cleanser, The Base Layer Fortifying Moisturizer

Available in April for $35 and $55 at

After a sales increase during the coronavirus pandemic, Caldera + Lab is bolstering its hero serum with two new launches. Meant to accompany its bestselling serum, The Good, the brand got the ideas for its two newest products — a cleanser and a moisturizer — from customers. “When we launched with The Good, we really went to market knowing that men approach beauty and skin care differently than women, and really wanted a very simple, easy-to-use [product]. This was designed to be a powerhouse product for consumers who are just amenable to one change. After we launched, people were asking us, ‘This is great, what do I use with it?'” said Dominique Gagnon, chief innovation officer of Caldera + Lab.

The full regimen, which is actives-packed and boasts clinical studies on a slew of skin types and tones, has garnered users from ages 18 to 80 and across the gender spectrum. Industry sources estimate the moisturizer and cleanser to exceed $2 million in sales for the first 12 months on the market.

Frontman FADE

Frontman Fade  Photo courtesy of Frontman

Frontman Fade

Available for $24 at

Although male consumers seem to be getting more comfortable with the idea of makeup, Frontman founders Annelise Hillmann and Nick Bunn didn’t necessarily set out to make a makeup brand. Rather, a white space for solution-oriented products jumped out at the pair during their time together at Harvard, when Bunn asked Hillmann why men have worse acne than women. “We realized together that there’s still a very big difference in the way culture socialized mean and women into skin care and grooming,” Hillmann said. “We set out to create the immediate solution that our guy friends needed.”

Frontman launched earlier this year with Fade, a concealer with functional skin care ingredients to both cover acne and mitigate it over time. “What we’ve been seeing from our first customers has been better than expected, people have been shocked by the impact it can have on confidence.” Industry sources estimate the product’s sales could reach $1.75 million in its first year.

Part of the brand’s anticipated success is its appeal with Generation Z. “They’re way more progressive in their beliefs on the world, and this generation is really ready to break down the stigmas,” Bunn said.

Meridian Grooming

Meridian Grooming Up-Here Trimmer  Photo courtesy of Meridian Grooming

Meridian Grooming Up-Here Trimmer

Available for $39 at

Personal care company Meridian Grooming is bringing its chic point of view on basic grooming above the jaw. The brand, which gained popularity for its body trimmer, has unveiled a nose hair trimmer. “For Meridian, our real goal was to create novel grooming products that we felt that guys were missing the routine,” said Gani, cofounder of Meridian. “The Up-Here Trimmer was just one of the most common things, when we talked to guys and think about their daily experience, that they would like want to improve. Many guys dealt didn’t have great solutions for it.”

Meridian made sure the device featured a 360-degree cutter for ease of use. “We had surveyed guys who traveled, and they felt the trimming or plucking from the nose would actually just end up taking a lot of time or was painful,” Gani said. “The rotating makes it much easier and faster.” Also for use on the ears, the trimmer is waterproof, lightweight and easily portable. Industry sources estimate the trimmer could hit $5 million in retail sales for its first year on the market.

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