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EXCLUSIVE: Abbie Herbert Launches Skin Care Brand Pavot

The influencer is teaming with Beaubble, a community-driven beauty studio that partners with influencers on brand launches and collaborations.

Influencer Abbie Herbert is leveraging her sizable social media following for her first business venture.

Herbert, who is best known on TikTok for making lighthearted lifestyle videos with her husband Josh and their one-year-old daughter Poppy, is teaming with community-driven beauty studio Beaubble for the launch of her skin care brand, called Pavot. The brand, which launches Tuesday, is starting off with two products: the Calming Clouds pads for razor burn and ingrown hairs and the Body Water, which is a restoring body serum. The brand’s name takes inspiration from Herbert’s daughter, with Pavot meaning Poppy in French.

“I’ve been modeling since I was 14 or 15 and in the modeling world, it’s called being ‘bikini ready,’ so I’ve been shaving my entire body to be on set every single day for the past 10 years,” Herbert said of the brand’s genesis. “When I was starting a brand new company, I was, like, ‘What’s something that I can relate to and what I struggle with?’ And that’s ingrown hairs, razor burn and dehydrated skin.”

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The Calming Clouds come with 60 pads and are formulated with AHAs, BHAs, niacinamide and camellia to brighten, resurface and soothe the skin, while the Body Water is blended with ceramides, glycerin and three forms of rice ferment extract to hydrate and strengthen the skin.

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Abbie Herbert Launches Skin Care Brand Pavot
Pavot Calming Clouds Courtesy of Beaubble

Herbert decided on the two products based on her own experience finding solutions for her razor burn and ingrown hairs. She’s worked with Beaubble since last fall on the brand and chose to launch with the two products because they can be used together or separately for optimal benefits.

“I have tried so many different pads on the market and I’ve been on Pinterest looking at scrubs and all of these different things and I could never find something that would calm the razor burn after shaving,” she said. “We wanted something to help with dehydrated skin and something to use after you shave, so it’s like a duo.”

Herbert explained Pavot’s point of difference on the market stems from Beaubble’s community-driven business model. Beaubble builds its brands by opening up its platform to customers to give their feedback and gives influencers the opportunity to reach out to customers when creating the products. Beaubble’s website for Pavot shows Herbert posting questions like a forum board, where she asked customers if they prefer a thicker pad versus a textured one or if they wanted tweezers to come with the pads.

Beaubble also put together a community group for Pavot, where customers tested out products and met with Herbert directly to discuss their feedback.

“It’s people who have followed me throughout my entire social media presence and now they are part of the Pavot community,” Herbert said. “I haven’t really seen any other brands doing that where they’re having the audience testing the product and giving feedback. We’ve made changes because of the Pavot community with the formula and packaging, so I think that’s something that stands out.”

Pavot also continues Beaubble’s sustainable drop model. Pavot’s two products are available now through June 23 via Beaubble’s preorder drop model, which enables the company to only make the amount of product ordered and not have any overstock.

Abbie Herbert Launches Skin Care Brand Pavot
Pavot Body Water Courtesy of Beaubble

Herbert and her husband first grew in popularity on TikTok at the beginning of the pandemic by posting videos about their marriage. The couple has continued to grow their separate TikTok accounts and now family YouTube page by documenting their journey of becoming expectant parents and now raising their daughter. Herbert herself has nearly 13 million followers on TikTok and the family’s YouTube page has 1.5 million subscribers. Herbert also works as a full-time model.

“I think my demographic is literally all over the place with moms and kids and we found that out through the Pavot community,” she said. “I didn’t realize how many young moms follow us until we started going through the list. I just hope that I can be an inspiration to everyone, if you’re a young mom or you married young or are single and want to get into modeling and the fashion world. I just try to be relatable to everyone.”

Herbert explained a second Pavot drop is in the works and that she has plans to offer products outside of body care.

Pavot’s products are available through Beaubble’s website and retail for $38 for the Calming Clouds and $45 for the Body Water.


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