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AGF88 Holding Introduces Sinesia Brand

The professional line combines hair care and skin care offering multitask products and rituals “treating face, hair and scalp as a unique, interconnected universe.”

MILAN — “Mind the time” is the claim Italian professional hair care and skin care manufacturer AGF88 Holding has picked to promote its newest brand Sinesia.

Originated upon an idea of Afsoon Neginy, who’s chief operating officer business and sustainability director of the group, the professional label is rooted in the concept that time is the contemporary luxury, which was translated into an offer consisting of multitasking products and rituals to better respond to customers’ preferences and schedules.

Another key element is that the brand targets anything “from the neck above, treating face, hair and scalp as a unique, interconnected universe,” said Neginy, who concocted a line combining hair care and skin care to use both at professional salons as well as at home.

The brand further targets all the current beauty trends, responding not only to the market’s demand for quick, multifunctional solutions, but also for the quest of vegan-friendly, natural formulations and environmentally mindful packaging, as it favors biodegradable and refillable options.

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Sinesia’s debut collection includes more than 20 products spread across five different themes that fall into two main categories, dubbed “Slow Motion” and “Like a Click.” The former focuses on lengthier rituals while the latter delivers performance through quicker solutions.

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As result, relaxing and detoxifying night treatments, no-rinse products and aromatherapy properties are included in the first group, while multivitamin boosters and waterless, powder formulations for concentrated actions define the second category. Overall, textures and formats encompass whipped mousses, creams, masks, patches and drops.

Sinesia's Super Drops line.
Sinesia’s Super Drops line. Courtesy of Sinesia

With prices ranging from 21 euros to 90 euros, the brand debuted this month in Italy at a selection of beauty salons, with the goal to reach 800 professional doors in its first year. Distribution will gradually expand in other nine countries in Europe, including Spain, Germany, France and Poland.

“We are known for developing brands for different needs. This is for us a premium line and won’t be our last. For sure, it’s one of the first brands that already debuts with the same strength both in hair care and skin care,” said AGF88 Holding chief executive officer Federico Pegorin.

Headquartered a 40-minute drive from Padua, in Italy’s Veneto region, the Pegorin family-run group controls and coordinates the three companies and production sites of Pettenon Cosmetics, Biocosm’ethics and G&P Cosmetics, along with other firms and subsidiaries as well as 11 laboratories and five professional training academies.

In addition to manufacturing hair care and skin care products for third parties, professional brands developed by the group include Alter Ego, Alama, Echosline, Inebrya, Byotea and Fanola, among others.

Last year, the holding reported revenues of 159 million euros, 70 percent of which were generated outside Italy. The group, which counts more than 500 employees, is present in 114 countries globally.