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Alcone Company Celebrates 65th Anniversary

Originally a pharmacy in the Fifties, Alcone Co. has become a go-to destination for makeup-obsessed consumers.

After 65 years of business, Alcone Co. has maintained its legacy in the professional makeup industry because of its familial bond.

Originally founded by Alvin Cohen in 1952 as a drugstore in New York’s Chelsea neighborhood and later purchased by the Mallardi family, the company has been passed down from generation to generation with nearly all family members playing a key role in the company’s evolution.

Now run by Maria Stewart, the youngest of the Mallardi siblings, the company is focused on offering top-grade professional cosmetics to both makeup artists and the everyday beauty consumer.

“Our legacy has always been to be able to cater to the professional industry,” said the chief executive officer. “As time went by we realized that it’s more of your everyday makeup fanatics that were really interested in what we had to offer.”

Even though the company started off as a distributor of other professional cosmetics brand, this increasing interest among consumers led Alcone to continue developing its own line of products, which now includes over 100 stockkeeping units.

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“Our strategic vision has always been to have an understanding of what people use our products for and how important our products actually are to the people who buy them,” Stewart continued. “Whether it’s to make yourself feel beautiful or to transform yourself, we’ve always been grateful to be a part of the industry and work closely with people who are trying to create their concepts.”

Along with growing its own brand, Alcone also soft launched a revamped website that is meant to be more user-friendly. The new website allows users to search for products by color swatch, making it easier for them to find specific products or shades.

The company is also committed to continuing AlconePro and Limelight by Alcone initiatives. AlconePro acts as an online social platform where makeup artists can create their own web site under Alcone to use as a portfolio of their work and to connect with other makeup artists. Limelight by Alcone recruits customers and makeup artists to work as commission-based salespeople for the brand.

Stewart saw a need for both initiatives because of increasing interest among consumers and makeup artists in Alcone’s brand.

“From what I’ve seen being a makeup artist became even more popular and makeup became more popular,” Stewart said. “More everyday women and bloggers are doing [makeup] tutorials and it’s really opened up the world to so many artists.”

To celebrate the anniversary, the brand hosted an event Friday night at Capitale, showing different aspects from the brand’s heritage in the film and theater industry and bringing performers like Kembra Pfahler, Miss Mosh and Ronnie Spector of the Ronettes.

For the next steps from the company, Stewart states that maintaining an inclusive environment is crucial. “We’re at a time right now where people are feeling more freedom of expression of who they are and who they want to be,” she said. “My one thing is that Alcone has always been a safe place for people to go to and I want to make sure that it continues to be that safe place where people can go to transform themselves, make themselves feel beautiful and create their visions.”