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Alexandra Kowcz Named Chief Scientist at the Personal Care Products Council

Kowcz will assume the position on Jan. 29.

The Personal Care Products Council announced Alexandra Kowcz as its new chief scientist Tuesday. Kowcz will assume the role on Jan. 29.

“Our industry is steeped in science and [Kowcz’s] extensive research and development experience in our industry will strengthen PCPC’s ability to lead in this area,” said Lezlee Westine, president and chief executive officer of PCPC. “Her strong scientific foundation and proven leadership makes her extremely qualified to serve as the industry’s scientific liaison, oversee our scientific programs, technical committees and publications and to speak publicly on our members’ behalf.”

Kowcz comes to PCPC from Beiersdorf Inc. where she served as vice president of research and development in the U.S. Spending 18 years at the company, Kowcz was responsible for managing U.S. product development, medical and scientific affairs, clinical testing and product safety, among other things.

She also held other research and development roles at Procter & Gamble Co., Bristol-Myers Squibb International, Richardson-Vicks, Clairol Inc., Centerchem and Rhone-Poulenc Rorer.

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Kowcz’s appointment is in line with PCPC’s commitment to supporting the modernization of federal regulatory oversight for personal-care products.

“[Kowcz’s] science background will help us better communicate the importance of well-crafted, science-based reforms that enhance our industry’s ability to innovate and further strengthen consumer confidence in the products they trust and enjoy every day,” Westine continued.

Kowcz replaces Beth Jonas, who held the position since July 2014 and is stepping down later this month. Jonas is leaving the role to move to Utah to spend more time with her family.