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Anastasia Beverly Hills Launches in Sephora France

The brow guru officially kicked off her brand’s introduction in Paris on Friday.

BROW-RAISING: “I’m speechless,” said Anastasia Soare in a horse voice barely above a whisper after a marathon day of interviews Friday in Paris, where she officially kicked off the launch of her brand Anastasia Beverly Hills in France.

The chief executive officer had already met with an adoring crowd earlier in the day and was in a couple of hours due to set off across the street from her suite in the Hôtel Barrière Le Fouquet’s to meet with a throng of 200 beauty bloggers in Sephora’s Champs-Élysées flagship.

Her signature brand, which put eyebrows on the beauty industry map, was introduced in that location on Aug. 23 with makeup and brow products.

“It’s like a dream came true,” she said, adding that 100 French Sephora doors and its web site launched the brow items that day, too.

“We have been working together in the U.S. Sephora with Anastasia with extraordinary success, and it’s also been doing really nicely in Canada, where the brand is exclusive,” said Chris de Lapuente, Sephora’s global ceo. “I met Anastasia three years ago in Paris. We talked about bringing it to Europe. And here we are today, starting off with France, and hopefully we’ll be in more countries in Europe.”

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Soare said there are thoughts of expanding into Italy, Holland and Spain. Her brand has also been delving further into the makeup category, most recently with a stick foundation.

“It’s been very successful,” she added. “So of course we want to expand the line.”

Anastasia Beverly Hills this summer came out with the Moonchild Glow Kit of highlighters. Inspired by colors in her favorite childhood movie “The NeverEnding Story,” it contains hues such as Blue Ice, a diamond white with icy-blue reflect, and Star, a moonstone fusion of mint and platinum with silver reflect. Moonchild’s campaign shines a spotlight on men.