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Andrew Fitzsimons Hosts Digital Auction to Support Planned Parenthood

Among the participating brands are Shay Mitchell’s Beis, Halsey’s About Face and Khloé Kardashian’s Good American.

Creating lasting social impact is a fundamental aim of Andrew Fitzsimons.

The celebrity hairstylist, who launched his eponymous brand earlier this year in partnership with Maesa, is hosting a virtual auction on digital marketing platform, Propeller, from Oct. 3 through 10, with all proceeds to be donated to Planned Parenthood. 

“I always say we can’t call ourselves the beauty industry if we’re not acting beautifully, too, and that comes with action and support,” Fitzsimons said. “A lot of the beauty industry is created for and generated by women, so to me, there’s no question but to support women and people who can give birth at a time when they need it the most.”

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Fitzsimons was prompted to take initiative following the Supreme Court’s June decision overturning Roe v. Wade. 

Since then, a number of states have passed heightened restrictions against abortions; last week, an Indiana law banning most abortions at all stages of pregnancy, with little exceptions, took effect.

“This is stuff that is really happening,” said Fitzsimons. “It’s hard to believe, but we have to believe it because we have to be able to counter it and organize. This conversation is needed. The time is now.” 

Among the brands participating in the digital auction so far are Good American, Beis, Ourself, About Face, Kesha Rose Beauty, Tower28 and Lunar Beauty. 

Fitzsimons previously partnered with the Los Angeles LGBT Center to launch the Trans Cosmetic Donation Program, which provides unused beauty and personal care products to transgender people, who face higher levels of financial insecurity and unemployment and thus are not always able to buy such products on their own. 

“Everybody has their own hurdles, and I believe that everybody who has a voice or privilege, it’s your job to speak up and support people who have less than you,” Fitzsimons said.