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Anecdote Candles Launches Celebrations Collection

The collection celebrates mothers, fathers and upcoming or recent graduates just in time for their respective big days.

Anecdote Candles has launched its Celebrations Collection.

The collection’s triad of Dear Mom, Dear Dad and Dear Grad candles commemorates the people in our lives in time for gift-giving season. Crafted with the unique tastes and traits of its respective recipient in mind, each candle offers an enticing aroma — and a giggle — to giftees.

Founded with the aim of “making fragrance a conversation piece,” Anecdote Candles often devises scents that play on cultural trends and contemporary themes. The fruition of this particular collection, however, was sparked by an unassuming Instagram post by the brand in May 2021.

“The idea happened very serendipitously,” said Julie Maskulka, founder and chief executive officer of Anecdote Candles. “We published a post that said, ‘Dear mom, thanks for calling to make sure I got your text,’ not thinking it was going to be a product, but we got so many website searches looking for that product that we were like, ‘yeah, we should do this.'”

The collection’s Dear Mom candle is composed with floral notes such as night-blooming jasmine and marigold, while Dear Dad has a medley of oakmoss, bergamot and white cedar and Dear Grad blends grapefruit and yuzu leaf with earthier notes like cedarwood.

Industry sources estimate that last year, limited-edition collections made up 25 percent of Anecdote Candles’ revenue, and could account for at least 35 percent, or roughly $2 million, this year. Maskulka did not comment on the estimates.

The candles retail for $26 and are available for purchase at Nordstrom and from May 2 until July, marking the first time a limited-edition collection by the brand has been picked up by major retailers in its first year of release.


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