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Angie Everhart Backs Healthier Teeth-Whitening Option

Thyroid cancer kicked Everhart into warrior mode, pushing her to examine what she was eating and using in her beauty routine.

Social media has ignited sales of the $1 billion-plus over-the-counter teeth-whitening business. A white smile is now part of an overall beauty regimen. But at the same time, consumers want healthier beauty-care options that some kits don’t provide.

Model and actress Angie Everhart tackled that conundrum head-on after a battle with thyroid cancer that kicked her into what she calls warrior mode. “That experience was a game-changer. I have a new lust for life, and I pay more attention to what I’m eating or what’s in the products I’m using in my daily routine,” Everhart told WWD.

Knowing the importance of a bright smile, Everhart linked up with Oralgen, a division of WR Group, to represent the company’s NuPearl Advanced Whitening Series. Everhart is also involved in several other beauty brands to offer more natural options, including a hair-care launch in the pipeline.

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The teeth-whitening system is available in two formulas — NuPearl 12X, formulated with Ultra Pure 12 percent hydrogen peroxide and NuPearl 32X, which is peroxide free. The latter is made with 100 percent food-grade ingredients. Both kits are free from latex, parabens, sulfates, sodium fluoride, triclosan, PEG/PPG, salicylates, gluten, artificial color and flavorings. NuPearl is 100 percent vegan. The system retails for $59.95 and is sold online at, at national retailers like Bed, Bath & Beyond, natural/organic stores like The Fresh Market and on home shopping channels.

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“As a model and actress, a white smile was expected. So, I tried it all and admit I suffered for a bright smile in the past, from messy strips to high-cost dentist appointments. I would always get that shooting pain in my teeth afterwards and it would be harder to drink and eat, especially hotter or colder foods, for a long while after,” said Everhart. “Now that I know more about the chemicals and what’s in these teeth whiteners, I can make a better choice for me.” She added she does not suffer sensitivity and doesn’t ingest chemicals with NuPearl 32X.

Angie Everhart on the Importance of Healthy Teeth Whitening

“My mission has always been to feel good, look good and do good and by sharing the cleanest, most effective products on the market I can help others find healthy solutions,” said Everhart. “We’re going to partner with chosen charities to help spread our wellness message.”

Teeth whitening has been a bonanza for social personalities such as Kylie Jenner who has linked with HiSmile, along with America’s obsession to always be camera ready.  For Everhart, it is all about supporting a “better for you” choice.

For Oralgen’s part, the company saw an opportunity in the market, especially since some consumers shied away from whitening because of sensitivity and harsh ingredients—along the mess of existing products. “We knew we had a more modern, easier-to-use solution that would bring something new and exciting to the category with our NuBright technology,” said Renee Niles, executive vice president for Retail at WR Group Inc. “Oralgen NuPearl started with the belief that most of those people had only used strips as almost no innovation had been introduced to the teeth whitening category for years. Go to any shelf at any grocery, mass or drugstore and your options are extremely limited with more types of strips than any one person would ever be able to try in a lifetime.” Working with its research and development team and a dentist, the company set out to create a system that removed some of the roadblocks.

Industry sources estimated the brand will hit sales of about $10 million in 2018.

Everhart also owns a lip gloss brand called Twin Peaks, a mineral-infused product with B vitamins. Proceeds from the sales of the lip gloss go towards the Twin Peaks Cancer Foundation, to give back to other people battling cancer. “Another project in the works for me is a new hair-care line for women. My red hair is my trademark, so I’m really knowledgeable about what makes hair look and feel its best. There is more to come on that line in 2018,” she added.

While she’s taken time to care for her young son and battle cancer, she also worked on curating natural beauty products. “There was no way I wasn’t going to stick around for my son. I beat the cancer and feel incredibly thankful to have my health back today, with my son, my stepdaughter, and my husband by my side.” She said that when she can’t find a beauty solution that meshing with her natural health and beauty values, she makes her own or partners with a company to do so.

Everhart is about to begin filming a horror film about an evil twin, called “Downward Train.” “I’m a huge fan of great horror flicks,” she added.