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AllWork App to Connect Beauty Retailers With Sales Talent

An Uber-like approach to matching trained beauty experts and the needs of brands and retailers.

AllWork App to Connect Beauty Retailers
The AllWork app pinpoints needs for beauty talent.

AllWork is taking a page from Uber’s playbook and is looking to connect beauty brands and retailers with the right sales talent through a new app.

“For many retailers, creating an experience and touching consumers is a way to win at retail and give customers a reason to come into their stores,” said Glenn Laumeister, chief executive officer of AllWork, a platform that helps find and manage in-store retail talent.

Based on promising results from the existing AllWork platform, the company is taking its service to the next step with this month’s rollout of a mobile app. Not only does the mobile app provide access to talent when and where it is needed, it is a mobile management tool for all aspects of managing the beauty business.

Having a mobile app is key for Millennials who are glued to their phones, but also want flexible work schedules. They can work when they want and be notified faster than by e-mail or phone.

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“We’ve found a large need in the retail industry for companies to optimize their labor spend in the same way they’ve implemented technology to optimize their supply chain, marketing and other business functions,” Laumeister said. “Our technology has the ability to help our clients significantly reduce their labor expenses while also increasing sales by ensuring they’re able to staff their stores based on real-time needs.

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Retailers don’t want to over staff so they lose money when stores are quiet, but they don’t want to be caught shorthanded for blockbuster beauty events. The new reality spawned a hybrid work force with a mixture of full-time and ready-to-hire associates. Staffing model industry data shows that one-third of today’s workforce is composed of freelance and on-demand workers.

As part of AllWork’s system, a brand or retailer’s beauty experts are loaded into the system, which details their skill set, brands they’ve work with, pay scale and other parameters. The network includes many thousands of experts who are actively being scheduled across retailers in all 50 states. The company has a talent-matching system that connects freelancers with appropriate gigs. 

The AllWork team likens the process to Uber. In this case, the beauty experts are drivers prowling for work while the retailers and brands are the riders. The mobile app maps out where the validated beauty experts are and puts out a call on an event-needed basis.

“Brands and retailers can now schedule the right person in the right stores, at the right time, which results in increased sales, decreased labor expenses and improved customer service,” said Scott Gurfein, AllWork’s cofounder and chairman.

Moreover, if talent calls in sick or doesn’t show up for work, managers can fill that shift quickly through AllWork’s automated messaging system. By using GPS location tracking, managers know if their scheduled talent is at the designated work place when they clock in, eliminating fraud and inaccurate time sheet reporting. The talent can also use the app to upload photos, capture sales goals and communicate directly with their managers.

The mobile app provides instant feedback on how events play out at retail, vital information that can be used for future staffing needs.  “Users can tie their spending to results and generate a higher ROI,” Laumeister said.