NEW YORK — Aramis hopes to win big with its new Trifecta Triple Effect Formula for men. The new treatment product, part of the company’s Lab Series line, is a new third step in the mantra that the brand is driving home for men: Clean. Shave. Treat. Trifecta employs a nonacid technology to eliminate dry, flaky skin cells, then hydrate the skin. It also provides antioxidant protection.

While the Lab Series lineup currently includes a treatment option for men with dry skin, Trifecta is intended for men with oily skin.

“Trifecta was created to provide oil-control benefits while hydrating and exfoliating,” said Matthew Teri, vice president of product development worldwide for Aramis Inc. and the designer fragrance brands group. “Through advances in technology, we have been able to produce a product that instantly reduces surface oil and shine, minimizes large pores and provides healthier, smoother skin, which results in a more comfortable shave.”

Trifecta will launch in April in the brand’s approximately 1,700 doors and will retail for $32.50 for a 1.7 oz. bottle. It is currently previewing in selected Bloomingdale’s doors. “Trifecta represents a breakthrough for men’s skin care,” said Jules Zecchino, vice president, global product development/research and development for the Estee Lauder Cos, adding that the product’s polymer technology provides an immediate optical effect, which results from reducing the reflection of light. “This new polymer provides an immediate benefit: It reduces shine and makes skin smoother and softer upon application.”

The formula includes acetyl glucosamine, which is designed to break the bonds that hold dead skin cells to the surface; green tea extract, sucrose, algae extract and caffeine, which reduce skin irritation; laminaria saccharina extract, which inhibits the enzyme that activates sebum production, and vinyl dimethicone crosspolymer, which helps to absorb surface oil.

The product’s simplicity offers a particular benefit with this demographic: “Most men aren’t going to dedicate themselves to complicated regimes,” said Lisa Hawkins, executive director of global marketing for Aramis. “But because Trifecta and the two other products that we recommend men use with it comprise such an easy, quick routine, we think we have a real shot at converting them. Trifecta gives us an opportunity to draw a whole new customer base: those with oily skin.”

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The product, added Hawkins, is intended for men 25 to 50 years old, “although it will probably skew toward the younger end of that demographic,” she added.

“Many men in this demographic group aren’t using anything right now, which represents another great opportunity for conversion,” added Carol Russo, vice president of sales and marketing for Aramis. It also addresses a wide variety of ethnic groups, she added: “In particular, Asian skin and African-American skin can be oilier longer than Caucasian skin, so offering a product aimed at oily skin gives these consumers an option that they may not currently have,” she said.

Trifecta will be backed by an intensive sampling campaign intended to get at least one million samples to consumers. It includes deluxe samples and bounce back cards with packettes. No advertising is currently scheduled, although Hawkins noted that a plan for print advertising including the product is currently in development.

While none of the executives would comment on Trifecta’s projected first-year sales, industry sources estimated that it could do about $10 million at retail in its first year on-counter.

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