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App Lets Artificial Eyelash Users Virtually Try Before They Buy

One barrier to artificial eyelash growth has been confusion on what to select. A new app has been designed to solve the issue with digital application.

Consumers click on beauty apps for virtual application of everything from hair colors to lip plumpers. Augmented reality breaks barriers to purchase since users can “see” a beauty product without an investment in a product they aren’t sure works for them. Now they can digitally “apply” false eyelashes as part of the Perfect365 app.

Now available on the app are Salon Perfect lashes which are sold exclusively at Wal-Mart Stores Inc. Ardell lashes, the market leader, will debut on the app in the next few weeks.

“Easy application is absolutely one of the biggest obstacles concerning false lashes today, and has been for decades. Many women buy the lashes, but either end up having a professional apply them or they don’t use them at all,” explained Vickie Wei, director of marketing for Perfect365. ‘The nature of eyelashes and how they are sold makes it almost impossible to try them on before purchasing them. Most users purchase a number of ‘wrong’ lashes before finding their perfect pair.” Wei said eyelash-related enhancements are a $1 billion-plus category that will benefit from the further education provided by digital solutions.

The category is firing up at mass doors with sales expanding almost 30 percent for the 52-week period ending Oct. 30, as tracked by IRI. Retailers hope the app will keep the momentum building.

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Perfect365 app users can experiment with five one-tap lash looks and view videos on how to apply lashes in real life. Perfect365 is a free makeup app with more than 80 million users. It uses face detection technology for accurate virtual makeup placement on photos and live videos. Perfect365 app users will be teased about the lash addition.

“In addition, we recently launched our Explorer community, which is made up of makeup artists rising on social media and brands, where we will promote the eyelashes. The banner in Explorer will link to looks, which are created by artists using the lashes for their looks and tutorials. Outside of the app, we promote all of our brand partners through an integrated public relations, marketing and social program to ensure maximum exposure,” Wei said.

Wei believes apps fit snugly with Millennial needs. “This is the generation that wants everything on their phone and wants to be able to ‘try on’ everything before they buy. Digital makeup is providing them with the opportunity to try on makeup and then purchase online or go to the store already armed with information about what they want to buy.”