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New Artificial Lashes Have Magnetic Appeal

This fresh eyelash product offers ease of applications thanks to tiny magnets.

Artificial lashes appear to be supplanting brows as the eye makeup category exhibits the most dynamic growth. Women are flocking to salons offering semipermanent applications such as The Lash Lounge. Sales of artificial lashes at mass market doors are climbing at double-digit rates. For those who want a different option, One Two Cosmetics founder and chief executive officer Katy Stoka is launching a lash idea she hopes will pull in more users.

Stoka has created what she said is the first magnetic false eye lash extension called One Two Lash. Using a micro magnet, One Two Lash does not touch the skin, rather it sandwiches the natural lash, affixing above and below it. No glue or adhesive is used. Stoka, who came up with the idea in her shower, said it is a time-saving, economical solution for those who struggle with application or removal of lashes or women who seek an alternative to salon-applied versions.

Interest in lashes is fueled by the desire to always be ready for a social media moment. “Lashes are the most effective, non-invasive way to elevate the look of your face,” said Stoka. “Today we are more pressed for time and more driven to look camera-ready, so it is natural to seek tools to help us look and feel our best.” The magnetic option was born out of Stoka’s desire to make lash application effortless.

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One Two Lash will be available this month on in three styles, original, bold and accent. Each style comes in two lengths, long and short. A clear band ensures a seamless look for any skin tone or hair color. The retail price is $59. Additional lash lengths are in the pipeline with plans to expand into other eye-related products, Stoka said.

The lashes are already creating a buzz with several beauty execs who have seen them. “Have you seen the magnetic lashes?” Asked one top beauty merchant recently who asked not to be named. “Such a great and fun idea. I tried them and they worked.”