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Artis Launches Tools for High-End Skin-Care Application

Consumers are willing to pay hundreds of dollars for brushes to maximize their investment in premium skin care.

With consumer interest in contouring, sculpting, masks and high-tech skin-care flourishing, there is also mounting demand for quality brushes.

For some, it is not unheard of to shell out hundreds of dollars on the tools.

A case in point is the new $425 Digit Collection Skincare 5 Brush Set in Coffret from Artis. The limited-edition set bows this week on and Artis is known for its ultraluxurious brushes including the Fluenta, Artis Elite Mirror and Smoke collections.

“As the makeup, cosmetics and skin-care industry becomes more and more sophisticated, the applicators and brushes for those advanced formulas need to keep pace,” explained Matthew Waitesmith, Artis’ founder. “For example, some skin-care formulas are so advanced in terms of their potential advantages, they need to be carefully applied to achieve the best results.”

Skin care, he said in particular, requires special brushes, especially since some serums must be applied to fine lines without disturbing surrounding skin. The Digit line is named for the look of the handles, which are inspired by the shape of fingers. The brushes feature an ergonomic design to make the tools easier to hold and manipulate.

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The Artis Digit  brushes are comprised of CosmeFibre SC, which are engineered specifically for skin-care use. The company offers tutorial videos and its brushes are used for demonstration in several department stores. Waitesmith added the brand’s brushes were created specifically for makeup application versus just being an adaptation of art store brushes.