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Beauty’s at-home upswing will be reaching its apex in time for the holidays, new data from Spate predicts. The trend tracker estimates that beauty and wellness products oriented toward domestic spa environments will be gaining the most traction. “People have spent the last year indoors, doing research on what tools and supplies they need to achieve their beauty goals from home,” said Yarden Horwitz, cofounder of Spate. “Consumers know what they want.”

Regarding search and sales volume, how strong the season will be is still up in the air, Horwitz said. “There’s some beauty seasonality in back-to-school, and we didn’t see that this year,” she added. “However, it’s a little different because of at-home learning.” If earlier holidays in the year — namely Mother’s Day — serve as any indication, consumers barred from travel will opt for gifting over quality time, she added. Here, see Spate’s top 10 predicted holiday trends, ranked by percent predicted growth in search.

Top 10 Holiday Trends, Ranked by Predicted Growth in Search

Heated beard comb: +100 percent
Custom shampoo: +58.5 percent
Skin-care fridge: +56 percent
Retinol face wash: +51.2 percent
Rowing machine: +49 percent
Facial steamer: +47.8 percent
Soy candles: +44.2 percent
Lash lift kit: +41.5 percent
Beard straightener: +40 percent
Sleeping mask: +36.8 percent

Source: Spate Holiday Predictions, 2020.

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