Gucci Westman used augmented reality for her “Lauren Hutton on Safari” look at Hellessy. 

Backstage beauty went digital during New York Fashion Week.

At Hellessy last Friday, makeup artist Gucci Westman eschewed traditional paper charts in favor of the Perfect365 Pro makeup artist app.

YouCam Makeup teamed with Nolcha Shows to create a series of augmented reality makeovers inspired by NYFW. The company also provided exclusive backstage access with Internet live streaming.

“This is the future, it is where everything is heading. It’s modern and there’s a playfulness to it that’s nice,” said Westman, a backstage favorite at fashion shows. She added even her tech-savvy kids deemed the app cool.

Perfect365 Pro was specifically created for makeup artists and uses an augmented reality platform that allows makeup artists to communicate through virtual try-ons. The looks can be viewed on photos or live using the “Live Mirror” feature. According to a recent study from Poshly, 32 percent of makeup artists are now using digital makeup apps to communicate makeup looks to clients.

“The beauty industry is evolving, and having elite artists [like Westman] on the platform is only a further testament to this,” said Cara Harbor, vice president of marketing for Perfect365, Inc.

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At Hellessy, Westman discussed the advantages 0f going digital as she applied the desired “Lauren Hutton on safari,” look to the models to complement Sylvie Millstein’s American desert-inspired fashion. She started by prepping the skin with SK-II’s new LXP Ultimate Revival Eye Cream (launching September 30 at Saks) which she used all over the face in tandem with SK-II Facial Treatment Essence. The color scheme also included Guerlain Bronzer, Laura Mercier Camouflage Concealer, YSL shadows and lip in shades of terra-cotta and Chanel Le Volume de Chanel eye brow pencils.

Technology allowed Westman to communicate with designers to preview what she planned. “We can have a dialogue ahead of time and I can immediately start banging out options. It is a more effective use of time,” Westman added. Another benefit, she noted, is the reduction of paper, versus facial charts that have been backstage staples.

Augmented reality is especially useful in showing models, designers and celebrities how colors they might be leery to try would look on their actual face.  “You have more options and it isn’t as intimidating,” said Westman. For example, she said, some clients might be concerned if she suggests pink on their eyes or brown lips when they sport freckles. “You can show them and they are more willing.”

Beyond fashion week, makeup artists can easily tap runway looks for their own clients.

The YouCam Makeup Fashion Week collection allowed users to experiment with beauty looks inspired by the Nolcha Runway shows. YouCam also live-streamed the shows from September 8.