HOLLYWOOD, Calif. — Has Aveda gone Hollywood?

In a manner of speaking, yes. The company, which prides itself on wellness and natural products, has opened its fourth Environmental Lifestyle Store in Southern California, this one at Hollywood & Highland, the new, $615 million retail-tainment complex covering 8.7 acres in the most tourist-concentrated heart of Tinseltown and marked by neon and a behemoth replication of a film set.

The complex, which boasts a hotel, luxury retailers and cineplex, is also the new home to the Academy Awards. It’s situated next door to the legendary Graumann’s Chinese Theater.

But the beauty contest isn’t only happening on the red carpet or along the walkways there. MAC, Origins, Neutrogena and Sephora all bowed there in November.

But Aveda president Dominique Conseil isn’t worried. “If you talk about L.A., you talk about Hollywood.

If you talk about Hollywood right now, you talk about Hollywood & Highland,” he said. Conseil christened the store’s opening on Nov. 29 by hosting a party for the Environmental Media Association, a nonprofit group that mobilizes the entertainment industry to its cause through personal activism or, more importantly, writing environmental themes into TV and film scripts.

Aveda was a sponsor of the EMA awards earlier that month. “They have a mission that’s similar to ours,” said Conseil. “It’s fascinating to see a group of people — operating in what could be seen as a superficial industry — who can create a fundamental impact for the environment. That’s something we want to be associated with.”

As other beauty brands have been fast to forge links with celebrities through free services and products at awards shows and product placement on TV and in films, Aveda, insisted Conseil, will make their connections through “more meaningful relationships” such as the EMA and servicing famous clients at the new 650-square-foot door, as well as its other nine locations in and around Southern California.

One such site is the newest Aveda Lifestyle Salon and Spa called Kriza in nearby Studio City, where many in the entertainment industry actually reside and work.

The 2,000-square-foot space at 12132 Ventura Boulevard offers Aveda’s full line of skin, hair, body, color and Pure-fume products, as well as the full menu of Aveda signature services — which have become very popular with the locals, famous and not, said Kriza founder and ceo Nir Zilberman.

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“We did incredible business over the holidays,” said Zilberman, who splits his week between the new store and a full-service day spa 20 minutes away in Northridge. Although that spa has been open 16 years, it wasn’t until a decade ago that he partnered with Aveda. The demand of clients from Studio City prompted him to open there.

Conseil calls Kriza “one of the very best models” of the company’s salon/spa concepts. “It’s a very small spa, but it’s a good prototype to show to prospective salon owners.”

The Aveda Lifestyle Spa and Salons represent “a sustainability in the beauty business,” said Conseil because of their multidimensional divisions as retailer, spa and educational resource.

With 104 such lifestyle spas and salons and only four in Southern California, Conseil concedes that the populated region “is still an undeveloped territory for us. We’re not operating at full potential. Not yet.”