Avon Products Inc. aims to take a more intimate approach to breast cancer awareness this fall. The company’s philanthropic arm the Avon Foundation for Women, which has raised more $815 million for the cause since 1992, has launched a global campaign called #BeABreastFriend. Its designed to encourage women to remind their friends to do self exams and make doctor’s visits. Avon kicked off the effort today [editor’s note: Friday] with a video on YouTube featuring various pairs of best friends speaking about their friendship and what they would do for one another. A voice off camera suggests there is a way to potentially save your best friends life right now, and that’s a breast exam. After some jokes and awkward pauses, the friends then make a pact to speak to each every year about annual breast exams. The idea, said Avon, is to prompt younger women to begin speaking to each other about breast health. The video will go live in 32 countries, beginning today, and Avon representatives are encouraged to share it across their social media channels.

Avon has a whole spate of initiatives planned for Breast Cancer Awareness month. Fergie, an Avon global brand ambassador, is getting in on the act too. The singer’s fifth scent for Avon called Outspoken Party! is due to launch in October. For every bottle of the fragrance sold, Avon will donate $5 to the Avon Foundation for Women, which funds breast cancer support programs.

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A new component to those efforts is a Web site called AllForTheBreast.org, which goes live on Monday. The site spotlights “patient navigators,” or people who help women with breast cancer sort through all that treatment entails, including insurance forms. An Avon spokesperson said the site’s aim is to make information about breast cancer as accessible as possible.

Avon has also given its annual fundraising walk a makeover. Now called Avon 39, the walk in New York City will take place on October 17 and 18th. Since its launch in 2003, the Avon walk series has raised $550 million for the breast cancer cause.